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Opera House™ Sponsored Collections

Gain exposure and enhance your sales by having your collection featured on Opera Househome page. We currently have a rotating 3-slot model, on a first come, first served basis. The minimum timeframe for having your collection featured is one week, and unless you have bought and pre-paid an extended sponsorship package, priority will always be given to new collections on renewal.
  • The collection must be listed, or in process of listing, with Opera House
  • Must be a full collection, with at least 10 NFTs to be listed
  • Must be a legitimate collection
Priority will be given to:
  • Reputable and known artists and content creators
  • Audited collections
  • Duration: 7 days (1 week) or 30 days (1 month)
  • Price: 75 FTM/week or 250 FTM/month
Special packages can be negotiated directly with the team.
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