Audit & Trust Score

What is a Collection Audit?

We can assess your collection smart contract and look for potential backdoors or weak points that could leave users vulnerable when buying and/or holding your NFTs. After the audit you will receive a Trust Score ranging from 0 to 5, depending on the results of our assessment.

The Method

We do not disclose our exact method of evaluation for security reasons, but in summary, we try to create a comprehensive and holistic view of the project in order to we look at the smart contract to find any potential coding mistakes, flaws, or evidence of fraud, as well as to the overall collection quality, the social channels of the project, the artists, the team, and any other publicly available information that helps us on truly understanding the value proposition and the context in which that particular artist, or team, is releasing that collection.

Trust Score

The Trust Score can be read as follows:
  • Score 0: Undetermined
    • In situations where we cannot accurately determine a final score.
  • Score 1: Potential Scam
    • Contract is extremely likely to be a scam, with suspicious or non-verified smart contract.
  • Score 2: Extremely Risky
    • Doesn't mean the project is a scam, but has several identified vulnerabilities, uses own host instead of an IPFS, etc.
  • Score 3: Somewhat Risky
    • The project looks legitimate, but there are little or no information on the artist or team, and/or we didn't have enough 'conception evidence' to guarantee the collection hasn't been copied or replicated from somewhere else.
  • Score 4: Trustworthy
    • Strong evidence of legitimacy of the project, with enough 'conception evidence' to show the collection hasn't been replicated from somewhere else, and plentiful information on the creator, artist, or team.
  • Score 5: Extremely Trustworthy
    • Only given to stablished creators, where we have extremely strong evidence of the legitimacy of the project, with a track record, and plentiful and publicly available information on the creator, artist, or team.

What are the advantages?

Having a high Trust Score will definitely give your potential supporters more trust and will also reassure them of the legitimacy of the project. This should help you on boosting your collection sales, as well as on stablishing yourself or your team as a reputable artist in the community.

What are the costs?

Currently we do not charge for the service. So you can have your collection audited for free.

Can I have my audit reviewed?

Yes, once. We will accept reviewing audits once after the initial score is released, so make sure you address any potential points that you believe that have possibly dragged your score down before submitting your second audit review for the same project. And once the second review has been performed, unless in very particular situations, the final score will be permanent.
Any attempt of bribing will result on a permanent Trust Score 1 and a disclosure in your collection's page informing all users about your bribing attempt. So please, don't even try doing it.

How long does it take?

We ask for you to allow at least two weeks for us to perform the audit. If you need it urgently, please contact us first to check on our availability and explain your reasons.

Pro tip...

We strongly recommend you to request your audit before launching the collection. This way, if you get a lower score you will have time to address any concerns and ask for a review, not having a low score being shown in your collection's page all along.