NFTs Collections
Collections usually refer to a particular set of NFTs, normally in the same smart contract. At Opera House we individually curate all the collections we list to ensure the quality of the content of our platform, as well as to protect users from potential malicious smart contracts, and fraud.

The Collections Page

You can access our curated collections by using the Explore > Browse Collections button in the main menu. We will be further implementing categories to our website to facilitate and enhance user experience.
This page will list all available collections, including our own official collections, where users are able to mint their NFTs for free.
Below each collection card, you will see key information about each individual collection or artist, with links to their website, Twitter, Discord, as well as the collection smart contract, so you can view it on FTMScan.

The Collections

After clicking on a collection card or using our collections search bar, you will be directed to the individual collection's page. There you will find further information about the collection and the artist, such as the official collection description and the number of NFTs minted.
You can find collections by typing their name, or the name of one of its NFTs on the search bar in the main menu. It will show you a list of potential matches to your search, so you can select the one you really want to view.
Clicking on the collection name will take you to the collection page.

NFTs For Sale

When browsing through collections, any NFTs for sale will show the "Buy Now" button, and you are able to purchase them directly through there.