Creating an NFT
You can mint NFTs by clicking on the Create button in the main menu. Follow the steps below to create your NFT for free:
  • Set your NFT name: We recommend you to use 30 characters or less - including spaces - so your NFT name shows on a single line on Desktop mode. If you can't achieve this, there's no problem, you can use as many characters as you need.
  • Write a description to your NFT: This is an optional field, but we strongly recommend you to populate it, as it will give potential buyers a better context as for what your NFT is all about. You can use as many characters you want, but we recommend you to finish the description with a period, exclamation mark, or another 'sentence closing' character.
  • Set your royalty percentage: This is the percentage of the royalty that will be paid to you every time Opera House™ sells your NFT. We recommend a royalty of 5-10%, but you can set it between 0-15%.
  • Choose a collection to mint to: Here you will define to which collection you want your NFT to be minted to. Currently all NFTs are being minted to our default collection, but the option to mint to alternative collections will be added in the future. This is important because it gives context to your NFT and helps potential buyers on finding it.
  • Upload your files: Now that you have gone through the boring part, all you need to do is to upload the file that will come along with your NFT, and normally users would upload either an image or a video file.
Once you have gone through the steps above, simply use the button Create NFT to send the transaction to your wallet and mint your brand new NFT.Opera House doesn't charge anything for minting NFTs, so you will only pay the gas fees and nothing else.
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