Create Your NFT Store
We have just recently added a profile feature, that inherently allows users to create their own personal - or professional, for that matter - NFT store.

How it works?

Every user now will have a profile link, which they can share publicly. This link will route to the user's profile, and display all the NFTs owned by it. On this page, other users are able to purchase NFTs that are for sale, and the filters makes the space scalable, allowing sellers to have a large number of NFTs for sale, whilst still allowing potential buyers to easily navigate and organise them. Sellers can also personalise their profile to display their own social links, website, and a brief description of their business.

Step 1: Set Up

We recommend you to create a separate wallet to run your NFT store, so you have it owning only NFTs that are listed for sale.

Step 2: Personalise

Reserve your name, and set up your profile via the Edit Profile page (Menu > Profile > Edit Profile). You can upload you own display image, social links, website, and profile description.

Step 3: Share!

Now all you need to do is to send the NFTs you want to sell to your store's wallet, list them, and share your profile link, which can be found on your profile page.

Display Name

Reserve your display name is free, but you cannot have the same display name as someone else's. So make sure to reserve your name as soon as you can.

Your Personalised Collection

Because the page will display all the NFTs owned by you, you can have it displaying your own custom collection, simply by sending only the NFTs you do want to sell to your store's wallet address.